Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WPF - Point an Image to an Embedded Resource

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DSD-SICO said...

Thanks for the article, I was wondering why my Silverlight application wasn't showing images after linking it into an ASP.NET application. In the xaml files I reference the images using relative paths, but after reading your article I now understand that the Source properties aren't used to load the embedded images; the are simply used as relative paths, so I need to pcopy the images to the ASP.NET application as well.

Maybe there is an easier way to use embedded resources inside XAML? Maybe something like:

<ImageBrush ImageSource="resource://namespace.resourcename.png"/>

Anonymous said...

You little beauty! I've been fiddling trying to do this in WPF via C# all week!

Thanks a lot

Bassem said...

Thanks a lot Chad!