Thursday, November 08, 2007

Popfly and Visual Studio 2008


Today I saw something that I thought was incredibly interesting.
Visual Studio 2008 is supposedly going to have a Popfly tie-in called "Popfly Explorer". If this is what it sounds like, I am SUPER excited. In fact, I haven't seen really any other blogs mention this. I think this will add a lot more excitement around Popfly and encourage even MORE mashup components. This is like taking webparts and putting them on 'roids (that's Steroids).

The full article is here.

The fact that this is being included in VS 2008 is nudging me towards adding another section in the final chapter of my book. Check out the comments on it thus far in the nice little Silverlight Streaming application in the upper right corner. Oh yeah, and the final chapter has a walkthrough related to Silverlight Streaming.


Vinay [msft] said...

Popfly Explorer beta that works with Visual Studio 2008 and VS 2008 Express versions has been released. Please visit for details and download.

Anonymous said...

Windows Internet Explorer

Silverlight error message
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XamlFile: Page.xaml
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Chad Campbell said...

Vinay: Thank you so much for the link!

Chad Campbell said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure why you have received that error. I will try to pinpoint the problem. Please continue to read my blog :)


Chad Campbell said...

Anonymous, I think this will fix the problem: