Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silverlight 2 in Action - All chapters now available


I am excited to announce that the two remaining chapters of Silverlight 2 in Action are now available to MEAP adopters. This content is consistent with the Silverlight 2 - Beta 2 runtime. However, the final version of Silverlight 2 in Action will be consistent with and tested against the Silverlight 2 RTW release. Because of this, we are looking for your feedback!

The two chapters that have just been released cover a lot of the exciting features of Silverlight. John Stockton covers the networking and communications features in chapter 6. John has worked really hard to effectively demonstrate the SOAP, REST, POX, JSON, RSS, ATOM, and WCF features found in Silverlight 2 (dont' worry, Sockets will be covered in the final release of the book). At the same time, the flexible templating features are covered in chapter 10. I worked to try to detail the styling and templating features of Silverlight 2. This includes a discussion of resources, styles, templates, and the new and exciting Visual State Manager (VSM).

I sincerely hope you enjoy this content. I also hope that if you feel there is something missing, something you don't like, or something that is not made clear, you will communicate that to us in a respectable manner. You can do so by adding your feedback to our discussion thread which can be found here. We are really looking forward to your comments, especially around chapters 6 and 10.


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Ben Hayat said...

Chad, Chapter 6 is very good, but you did a special job in chapter 10 :-)