Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silverlight 2 in Review and Silverlight 3 (yes Three) in Action Discussion

Silverlight has had some phenomenal success in the past six months. This success has been spread across several categories of experiences including, but not limited to:
  • Historical Events
  • TV and Movie Viewers
    • Netflix is using Silverlight for its Watch Instantly feature
    • Blockbuster will be using Silverlight for it's MovieLink functionality. If the NFL would do the same, I would actually watch the NFL online (Dear NFL: If you want to push advertisements on me, you must at least provide an experience I can endure. I will not use your current viewer. You are losing revenue. You should consider using Silverlight)
  • Sporting Events
  • Utilities
This is just a small sample of all of the applications that are popping up over the internet. I hope you have had the opportunity to experience one of these incredible Silverlight applications. I also hope you have learned a great deal about Silverlight. Perhaps you even learned a few things from Silverlight 2 in Action. If not, you can still pick up a copy here. Regardless, a follow-up to Silverlight 2 in Action is in being discussed (you can get a sneak peak of the features of SL3 here). I have not decided to what degree I will be involved at this time, that will be discussed at a later time. Regardless, before we get to that point, I wanted to do some refactoring and clean up Silverlight 2 in Action.

Based on the reader reviews on, it seems like most individuals were happy with Silverlight 2 in Action. I know that you cannot make everyone happy (as shown here). However, I do want to try to identify and remedy those flaws in Silverlight 2 in Action. We will attempt to address these flaws in Silverlight 3 in Action. With that said, would you please consider responding to the following questions:
  • What was missing from Silverlight 2 in Action?
  • What did you not like?
Thank you for reading! I'm sure it will be another exciting six months of Silverlight goodness!


Parag Mehta said...

Hi Chad,

I am reading it currently and so far so good. I will keep you posted :)

Best Regards,
Parag Mehta

فايز المطيري said...

I didn't like the picture in the cover.

فايز المطيري said...

I did not like the picture in the cover.

Merrill Marie said...

Bought The Book .. wish you would have code available an example, i would love to get chart to work .. used example from your blog .. c# List gives me an error
private List GetWeatherData()
List weather = new List();
weather.Add(new Weather("Louisville", 63));
weather.Add(new Weather("Seattle", 53));
weather.Add(new Weather("Los Angeles", 87));

return weather;
List weather = new List();
I get a systems List T error

Anonymous said...

I've just been picking at bits of In Action and overall it's been very good so far. I would have liked to see more detail concerning the Dependency Property sub-system. As I remember the book covers DP implementation sufficiently, but what wasn't clear was what was being done with them behind the scenes and what the sub-system gives you. Such a discussion would have helped my understanding quite a bit without hunting down the info on the web. The DP system is glossed over in many texts but it should be given more time in the spotlight.