Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silverlight - 7 Twitter Accounts I Follow (and have found valuable)

While writing Silverlight 2 in Action, I found it difficult to keep up with Silverlight happenings in the blogosphere. A lot of my free time was spent deep in the bowels of the Silverlight SDK and writing sample code to try and test one thing or another. Thankfully, there were several individuals in the Silverlight community that really helped me zero in on the things I was missing through Twitter. Here are the 7 Twitter accounts, in alphabetical order, that I have followed related to Silverlight and have found valuable.

@adkinn - Adam Kinney is a UI Technology Evangelist for Microsoft. He regularly posts great demos of Silverlight and WPF in use in the real world and on Channel 9. I really enjoy seeing how others are using Silverlight and WPF in the real world.

@john_papa - John Papa is the author of the great Silverlight book: Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2. It's really good stuff. John posts very regularly and is very active in the Silverlight community. For some reason I just recently started following him (my bad).

@Pete_Brown - Pete Brown is a fellow Silverlight insider and Microsoft MVP. He regularly posts info about Silverlight and his personal musings which makes for an entertaining Twitter feed. In addition, he has committed to picking up the baton and running with Silverlight 3 in Action. I'm really excited to see what Pete puts together for this book.

@ShawnWildermuth - This is the Twitter account of Shawn Wildermuth. Shawn runs the Silverlight Tour. He does a great job of posting content related to the bleeding edge of Microsoft development platforms on his blog.

@teamsilverlight - This is the official Silverlight Team Twitter feed. This is a great feed to get Silverlight related information straight from the horse's mouth. A lot of times content is posted that links back to the official Silverlight Team blog. What's really cool is that the team regularly responds to individuals through this Twitter feed.

@timheuer - Tim Heuer is a Silverlight team member. He regularly posts information related to Silverlight through his Twitter feed and on his blog. The content of this blog is generally targeted at developers and fairly technical in nature.

@WynApse - This Twitter account posts very regular (near daily) updates of the "Cream of the Crop" in the Silverlight community. The links generally post back to the very valuable Silverlight Cream site. If you want to keep up with the latest in the Silverlight community, make sure you are watching this site.

This is my personal list that I have found valuable. I am sure there are plenty of other Silverlight Twitter folk out there that I am not aware of just yet. You can find more here. Whether I am on your list of Silverlight Twitter accounts is up to you (you can follow me here). Either way, are there any Silverlight Twitter accounts I'm missing? If so, please list them in the comments.



Josh said...

Awesome! Thanks for putting these together! I'll going to follow all of them now.

Erik Mork said...

Oh! the Sparkling Client - Follow HereThanks for putting the list together.

Emil Stoychev said...

Chad, you are missing the SilverlightShow Twitter account - it - you won't regret ;)