Thursday, September 06, 2007

Silverlight 1.1 - Controls!

In all of the hype of yesterday’s big announcement around the official release of Silverlight 1.0, something very exciting seemed to get lost in the mix. As it turns out, if you download the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha September Refresh there are some input controls! The refresh includes:

  • Button
  • RepeatButton
  • ListBox
  • ScrollBar
  • ScrollViewer
  • Slider

In addition, there is a little sample page that has all of the controls (screenshot below). Personally, I appreciate the non-operating specific default look of the controls, however, I sincerely hope that the finished versions of these controls have a little bit more sex appeal by default. Please!


Florian said...

Indeed, that sounds more exciting than JavaScript and Video to me, too :)


Anonymous said...

these controls are not new, they were already available in april

Chad Campbell said...

My bad, this was the first time that I had seen these controls.

Thank you for pointing this out.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for better Blend and 1.1 integration...

Anonymous said...

These controls are great as a learning resource (though by all means please also look at Dave Relyea's stuff as it is much better) but are certainly not suitable for production use. They are buggy and have very little in the way of features.

Anonymous said...

I used these controls from the SDK and found them only usable as a starting point. They wew good proofs of concept, but needed a lot of work. Also, I really dislike the look, and hope that styles come along to allow us to easily change that. They aren't OS-specific, but they certainly aren't attractive either :)

Dan Dobbs said...

I wasn't too crazy about the look of the controls either and haven't been able to figure out if they're skinnable.

I made some scrollbars for the 1.0 release and was able to skin them with XAML...