Sunday, September 16, 2007

Silverlight 1.1 - October Speaking Events


I have updated the Silverlight Events Wiki to show 2 upcoming events that I will be presenting at.
If you are in the Midwest area and have heard me present before, I would like to point out that these two presentations are going to present a VERY fast overview of Silverlight, however the majority of the time will be spent discussing the AWESOME potential for using the ASP.NET Futures to display Silverlight content, and one of the features that is one of my personal favorites, the ability to manipulate the HTML DOM via MANAGED CODE!

If you have the opportunity to join us, I hope you will. If you cannot, I will be posting my notes on this blog.

In addition, I felt I should inform everyone that my book (Silverlight 1.1 in Action) is coming along nicely. So far I am VERY pleased with the content and structure. I need to smooth out the transitions and content in chapters 1 and 2, however, after these chapters, I feel everything else is very smooth.
In order to proactively answer the question "when will it be available?", well, I cannot say. However, I can say that ultimately it depends on how stable the next Silverlight 1.1 public bits are. Once the 1.1 bits become available I will need to re-check the manuscript to ensure that the content is technically accurate and all of the code examples work.

I am writing A LOT of code examples, which will be made publicly available with the book. My goal with this book is not necessarily to be the first Silverlight 1.1 book (though that is definately a goal to shoot for), I am more focussed on being the first complete and accurate Silverlight 1.1 book.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


hamish.ahern said...

SilverLight does not install on 8 out of 10 computers I tried in my home town, on home pcs and on work pcs. Using the latest full release at It downloads, runs, and the install always only goes to 90%(which is also a static label.. what a joke) and states some lies about cant extract from a virtual drive, and offers instructions to manually install it. That is not the macromedia flash way, to manually install.. what a joke. Microsoft you ain't gonna win any points with this software. Come back in 5 years when you have it right.

Chad Campbell said...

Hi Hamish.ahern,
Here are some questions I have for you:
1. Just out of curiousity, did you have administrative privelages on the machines that failed to install Silverlight?
2. Did the failures occur with the 1.0 release or the 1.1?
-Chad Campbell